About Very Biased Reviews:

When people hear the name Very Biased Reviews, they often ask “why are you biased?” I first thought of the name as an ironic answer to companies that take money to write good reviews and features of products.  Ultimately, we wanted a name that was tongue-in-cheek. But back to the question, how can we not be biased? Every writer is biased – we all have expectations of what products should do and what they should be. Sometimes these expectations are created by the companies themselves; sometimes by our past experience with similar products. However, at VBR, we will guide you though our thought process so you can objectively see why we have come to our ‘biased’ opinion.  VBR writes about a variety of topics, ranging from the latest tech news to reviewing the latest PC games. Follow us on Twitter or Facebook to keep updated.

The Team:


I graduated from the University of Edinburgh with a first class honours in Classics – Latin and Ancient Greek. My real name is Jeremy Ogilvie-Harris,  but I go by the pen-name Jinxmerchant which is my gaming name. So if you see a Jinxmerchant flying around in Elite Dangerous or tearing up Black Ops 3, or wrecking in League of Legends, then you know it’s me. I chose the name because it is a joke between my brother and me – when we played FIFA I’d always say “you’re definitely going to win”. Whenever I won, he would say I’d jinxed the game and I was a jinx merchant. I have been playing computer games for as long as I can remember. Some of the first games I remember playing are SimCity 2000 and NHL 97. I love technology. I find it fascinating how far we have come since I was young, playing on my family’s basic computer with Windows 98. Well, I can say it’s very different now. Here I am writing about myself on my custom built desktop sporting games that wouldn’t have even fit on the storage of my old computer. Ever since I was young, I’d always wanted an Alienware Laptop. Unfortunately my first few experiences with Alienware weren’t amazing – one of them didn’t even have it’s fan connected properly. So I moved on and got my first custom built PC from PC Specialist – I’ve not gone back to pre-made since.

My Battle Station:

Custom built desktop PC:

CPU: Intel Six Core i7-4930K (3.4GHz overclocked to 4.4GHz)


RAM: 4 x 8GB Kingston HyperX Beast Quad-DDR3 2400MHz

GPU: 6GB NVIDIA Geforce Titan Black

HDD: 500GB Velociraptor (10,000 rpm)

My operating system is Windows 10. I can’t say I chose ASUS and NVIDIA for any particular reason except for the fact that I like their UI and their user support (e.g. NVIDIA Geforce Experience). I wish I’d got an SSD though.